McGregor Leading MMA To Greener Pastures

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Last Sunday morning, one of the most successful and entertaining MMA events in recent history came to a close in Las Vegas. The headliner, and main attraction, was a young upstart from Crumlin. He began the night as a doubted and divisive figure, but ended it as Ireland’s newest sporting hero and the latest figurehead for the UFC.

The doubts were understandable.

McGregor has only a handful of fights in the organisation, and we had not seen the full picture. We still haven’t, but another large chunk was revealed at the weekend, and it looked like a work of art.

I’ll hold my hands up and admit it; I was a sceptic. Not through any pettiness or begrudgery, but because I have watched MMA for a long time, and it’s a sport that rewards scepticism. Much like in boxing, prospects can be built, and you often don’t know how good someone is until they’ve been made to look bad. Remarkably, that has yet to happen to McGregor.

Dana White and the Fertittas will be hoping McGregor can spearhead the UFC’s latest expansion.


Equal Play Dispute

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A classic mens US Open casts a harsh light on the one-sided routs that have become the norm in the womens game

Rafael Nadal put in a performance for the ages on Sunday night

Late on Monday night, after four hours of absorbing tennis, the new US Open champion Rafael Nadal collapsed on Arthur Ashe, his body drained but his lifelong dream fulfilled. As his beaten opponent trudged to the net, the crowd rose as one to show their appreciation for one of the greatest performances in the tournament’s history. Nadal was simply imperious.

Had it been almost any other player in the world standing on the opposite baseline it would have been a quick final. Fortunately for all concerned, it was the pride of Serbia, Novak Djokovic. Rather than fold under the onslught, the 23 year old scrapped and battled for all he was worth to stay in the match, even forcing Nadal into a fourth set for the first time in the tournament.

In the end it wasn’t enough, but no blame can reasonably be attached to Djokovic. He played as well as he can, gave it his all, and contributed to a breathtaking spectacle. It is his misfortune to have been born into a golden era of men’s tennis, and it looks as though his considerable talents will not yield the success they perhaps should.

In Nadal and Roger Federer, we are witnessing two of the greatest players the sport has ever produced. Last night the Spaniard joined his arch-rival as just the seventh player in history to claim all four Slams. Only Andre Agassi had managed it in the Open era, before these two titans emerged.

Don’t Bet On It

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Wild upsets are part and parcel of the sport we love, but still don’t fully understand

Just a few short months ago, the MMA landscape seemed set in stone. Still proudly poised upon the mountaintop was the king of the sport, the robotic Russian Fedor Emelianenko, unbeaten in over a decade of professional fighting. Pushing hard for the crown was the most talented crop of UFC champions we had ever seen, and ever would see, in the eyes of many.